Guru Water-Stop Shower Waterproofing Membrane

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Water-Stop is a waterproofing membrane designed to waterproof showers and other bathroom surfaces. It’s made of a flexible and waterproof geotextile material that has excellent adhesion to surfaces and a very low thickness.


Experience the Ultimate Waterproofing Solution with Water-Stop: Ideal for all bathroom surfaces, cost-effective, high crack isolation, easy to install, and versatile waterproofing.

  • Can be installed under floors and on walls
  • Cost-effective waterproofing solution for tile installations
  • High crack isolation results
  • Can be used to waterproof any part of the bathroom
  • Allows for waterproofing above and below the tile without
    the need for a mortar bed

Unbeatable Waterproofing with Guru Water-Stop - 7ft Wide Rolls, Direct Adhesion, Crack Isolation & More!

  • 7-foot wide rolls for easier and safer installations
  • Thin and flexible, yet safe and durable
  • Adheres directly to surfaces, eliminating the need for compression layers
  • Can be installed on top of existing tiles, saving time and costs
  • Can be used as a crack isolation in residential and light commercial installations

Get a Waterproof Bathroom with Water-Stop:
The Ultimate Solution for Shower Waterproofing

Water-Stop’s flexible and waterproof properties make it an ideal choice for waterproofing showers and other bathroom surfaces. The wide rolls make installations easier and quicker, while the adhesion to surfaces eliminates the need for compression layers. The crack isolation capability and the ability to install it on top of existing tiles also make Water-Stop a cost-effective solution for tile installations. These features and benefits allow homeowners and contractors to save time, money, and ensure a waterproof bathroom for years to come.
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