Uncoupling Membrane G-Flex

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G-FLEX is an uncoupling membrane designed to improve the installation life of floor coverings, ceramic tiles, and natural stone. It has a homogenous plastic layer and one fleece layer, and its unique nodules shape helps to reduce the use of thin-set. The membrane can also be used as a bathroom waterproofing solution and is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments.

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  • Heavy duty uncoupling results
  • Can be used as a waterproofing solution
  • Vapor pressure compensation
  • Load distribution
  • Best pullout results in the market
  • Scratchy texture for improved thin-set adhesion
  • Fiber layer for improved adhesion to the surface
  • Treatment of dampness due to seepage with negative pressure


The G-FLEX uncoupling membrane provides a fast and effective solution for dealing with moisture and dampness in walls and floors. It prevents the appearance of salts on walls, detaching of paint and plaster, growth of mold, and unpleasant odors. The free-space in the membrane allows excess moisture and vapor to dissipate while insulating the interior from water. It is an ideal solution for large installations, providing efficient protection and improving the life of the installation both indoors and outdoors. The textured surface and fiber layer ensure strong adhesion, making it a reliable and durable solution for your flooring needs.
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